Integrated Logistics Management

4S Visilog Plus® is a fully integrated, web centric solution that provides Shippers, LSPs, End Customers, Consignees and their logistics companies with full visibility across the extended supply chain from customer order through delivery of goods. Seamlessly integrated yet loosely coupled order management, freight management, and warehouse management modules help process orders, maintain inventory and track delivery. It has inbuilt business integration system that provides connectivity with other ERP systems, which makes it a ready fit for any supply chain business model.

It covers broad range of operation support and seamlessly integrates Order Management, Warehouse management, and Freight management. In addition to this, 4S Visilog Plus has capability to communicate with EDI messages. The product features include:

  • Visibility
  • User Configurable Reports
  • Events Tracking
  • Electronic Data Processing
  • Document generation for Waybill, Packing list etc


  • One application to process orders, maintain inventory and track delivery
  • Helps improve co-ordination and collaboration with suppliers, service providers and customers
  • Multi currency, multi lingual for multi country /multi office usage
  • Adapts to existing business practices and enhances visibility
  • Web-centric solution for real time information and global access
  • Workflow controlled warehouse operations
  • Minimal data entry and maximum processing
  • Helps to replace, improve and track existing systems

Industry Challenges

These days every industry needs an IT system with capabilities that can address issues related to productivity, cost, collaboration of all business entities etc and help them respond faster to the market changes.

Common challenges Logistics/SCM Industries are facing:

Collaborating Supply Chain Players

  • To work with integrity has become a challenge due to multiple applications/systems with different partners of the supply chain. This hinders collaborative operation of supply chains.

    4S VisiLogplus Collaborates all the business partners on to a common platform and allows execution and monitoring of all supply chain operations even from a remote location. Being a web-based and multi-lingual software solution, it provides the advantage of multi-country implementation over a single Database, which often reduces cost and maintenance.

Process Integrity

4S VisiLogplus offers integration capability to control other connected (external) systems and monitor their operations as well.

Demand Supply Fluctuation

  • It’s a challenge to balance the fluctuations in demand and supply.

    4S VisiLogplus offers tightly coupled OMS and WMS which facilitate better order management based on real time dynamic inventory monitoring and gives great flexibility to react to market fluctuations.

Lack of standard system

  • Lack of standard system for in-house logistics function that integrates with other functions of the supply chain and execute the shipment cycle.
  • Within a single organization, rigid and disparate systems that lead to functional silos.
  • Systems on multiple technologies cause problems in interfacing.

    4S VisiLogplus is a single package containing Order Management, Transport Management, Freight Management and Warehouse Management Systems seamlessly integrated and also gives flexibility to utilize any of the systems independent of the other systems. Our system comes up with document generation ability. Our system controls multiple supply chain partners on a same platform through its role based access control capability which gives limited access to the end user and hence minimizes error and maintains data security and privacy.

Lack of Visibility

  • Difficulty for Logistics service providers to allow visibility of operations to their customers.

    4S VisiLogplus allows tracking order status and letting you know instantly where your shipments are in transport cycle and provides the advantage of wide network visibility across your extended supply chain to perform strategic planning. It has configurable Event/Alert Management system for automating the business process & monitoring pending orders hence reducing monitoring time and maintaining stocks norms, up to mark.

Increased data entry

  • Increased data entry with no direct link between systems for cross verification and hence high amount of errors.

    4S VisiLogplus reduces data entry hence minimizes errors and save time. There are various entities in the supply chain. A single shipment would typically go through multiple hands before reaching the consignee. There would be capturing of information at every stage with majority of the information is repetitive. As the shipment progresses through different entities in supply chain, similar information might get updated with different versions. Our solution ensures that a single version of data is maintained across the application.

Forced to modify business process to fit in IT system.

  • 4S VisiLogplus ensures that your business could generate higher efficiency at the lowest possible cost and no need to change the business practice.


  • Highly portable, maintainable and scalable.
  • The products are developed on Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) platform.
  • It is based on 3-tier architecture consisting of client, application and database tiers.
  • Embedded i-net crystal clear reporting engine that brings with it all the advantages of a reporting tool. Reports can be printed in various formats ranging from Excel, PDF, HTML and Plain text. 3-D reports can also be generated.

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