Multidimensional visibility

Supply chain profitability or success is determined by its success at all stages and not just one or two intermediary stages. A successful supply chain looks at profitability from holistic point of view rather than just concentrating on few highly evident interactions. Often, supply chain coordination is needed across different dimensions or stages belonging to a firm’s supply chain architecture. These stages can be classified as:

Extent of co-ordination and integration between these stages works as a strategic tool for the firms to increase their supply chain profitability and gain competitive advantage. With Visilog workflow management, all the processes and activities occuring across all the stages can be configured and that much needed seamless integration can be achieved.


Glocalization is a business jargon being used these days to define a concept where a product or service is a blend of international global standards and also incorporates the local flavor governed by culture, needs, taste & other factors influencing the choice of people. Examples of glocalization include:

When it comes to supply chain & logistics services, a global firm has to understand the business environment of the region where it is operating and may use local people to deliver the services efficiently. In order to do that, a software system must be capable of providing multi lingual support with a flexibility to switch on or switch off a product feature, applicable/not applicable for that region. For example, a large scale clothing manufacturer imports raw material from India, manufactures in China and supplies to US and other regions. In order to execute this whole supply chain cycle efficiently and overcome the challenges, a firm has to make use of the local experience and should have a system architecture which caters to local variations corresponding to each operating region.

Agile supply chain strategies

In today’s business scenario, a company has to understand the volatility of the market and exercise competitive advantage by adopting agile supply chain strategy framework. Flexibility is one of the most important characteristic of an agile supply chain, which in turn means that you are able to cater to dynamic business requirements of your supply chain and respond to market/customer demands with speed and accuracy. Thus while planning & designing the supply chain, a company has to think of such strategies which make it adaptable to changes and increase its expectation of answering the customer requirements. Some of the important considerations which make it must for a company to endorse & implement agile supply chain strategies are:

After planning & designing, comes the execution stage. During execution, supply chain Visibility plays a vital role in supporting agile framework. Lack of supply chain visibility draws curtains and limits company’s vision of fulfilling and/or exceeding customer expectations. For e.g., unavailability of advanced shipment notification results in poor warehouse planning, which in turn affects the delivery lead time for the end consumer. Thus, visibility acts as a facilitator for implementing agile supply chain strategies.


Multidimensional Visibility through 4S Visilog

Can Collaboration and Multidimensional Visibility enhance your supply chain performance?
Yes. Today’s supply chain industry is not the same as it was few years back. Traditional approach and use of disparate systems is not contributing towards meeting supply chain goals of the organization. Increasing competition, glocalization of supply chain operations and involvement of multiple players across the network is adding to existing pressure on supply chain performance. There has never been a greater need to adopt and implement agile supply chain strategies which are flexible and adaptable to the changing requirements & demands of the customer. At the same time, the organizations should adopt innovative methods to minimize costs and keep supply chain input at an optimum level. Supply Chain goals of an organization, be it a small/medium size enterprise or a large scale globally operating company, are more focused on improving operational speed and accuracy by building a responsive supply chain architecture.

Collaboration and multidimensional visibility across the supply chain network act as facilitators for building a responsive supply chain, which can work wonders for improving order fill rate and company’s presence in the market. For encouraging collaboration and enhancing supply chain visibility, business need tools that allows sharing of information internally for their own operations as well as with external partners like suppliers, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs or 3PLs), freight forwarders, origin & destination agents etc.

4S Visilog is a web based collaboration tool for order management and Visibility. Visilog connects you and your business partners by bringing them to a common information sharing portal without you worrying about infrastructure and server maintenance. Server can be hosted and maintained by us on its own premises while all the participants in a company’s ecosystem can be given online access to exchange/update the required information and use it on SaaS basis (software as a service). All you need is an internet connection to get going and start using Visilog as your command and control centre for global operations.

Features and Benefits:

With features that lets you plan, execute, control and be alerted on all the events in the automated work flow process and an any time any where Track and Trace option, 4S VisiLog® offers you endless possibilities. The main features & benefits of the product are as outlined below:

  • Integrated Workflow Management and work distribution:

    In today’s business scenario when firms are going global and expanding their business operations, they simply can’t afford to let themselves and their business partners work in isolation. It is critical to identify the processes belonging to internal as well as external parties and establish seamless co-ordination between their activities. Availability of right information at right time and to the desired audience calls for efficient business process management.

    4S Visilog’s Integrated Workflow management allows you to keep track & monitor the progress of the processes occuring outside the four walls of your company as well as your internal activities. You can set up all the process steps involved in a business transaction and assign each one of them to the responsible party. If you are servicing multiple customers and dealing with multiple business partners, your workflow management system should be flexible to allow for configuring dynamic business process flows and address the need for dynamic data requirements of different players involved in the transaction. With 4S Visilog, you can do all that and even more.
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Case Studies

       Before choosing 4S Visilog we completed a competitive analysis of the market, knowing that no supplier is superior in all terms. We found 4S Visilog superior in 7 out of 10 benchmarks including usability, visibility, reporting and workflow as key features. The automatic feed of data and usability is important. With 4S Visilog we can provide complex functinality and put it in the hands of non-experienced employees.

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