4S eLog® a web centric and web based Warehouse Management System which caters the need of 3rd Party Logistics Provider providing Warehousing and Distribution services to its customers. Provides real time Visibility of information and goods from the time they arrive at the receiving dock and till the time the goods leave from the shipping dock. Seamlessly integrated with other Supply Chain players like Supplier, Customer, and Carrier in the form of web portal.

The 4SeLog® Warehouse Management System architecture has been designed in such a way to configure and support companies which are having small, medium and large Warehouses. The eLog Architecture has been designed in a way to configure Head Offices, Companies, Projects associated to the Companies, Warehouses of the Companies and their Customers.

4S eLog

The 4SeLog® Warehouse Management Systems has been modularized and they are Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Billing Management, Transport Management and Order Management.

    4S eLog
  • Inbound/Outbound Operations
  • Order and Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Invoicing
  • RF Enablement
  • Configurable and Put away Strategies
  • Assembly, Kitting and Stock Transfers
  • Wave ,Order Picking ,Packing and Shipping
  • Transport planning
  • Supplier and Customer Management
  • On Demand Replenishments
  • Work flows and Alerts
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Case Studies

       4S eLog fits into MIDL business model for Warehousing. All it needed was a small amount of adjustment/customization and integration with the existing 4S eTrans SME to provide better Transparency and visibility for the warehouse spreading over 25.000 sq.mt regular storage and pallet racking with more than 10.000 sq.mt hazardous goods storage using about 180 pulling trucks.

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